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Master A New Skill - Bread Baking
by: Laura Childs
Whole wheat, sourdough, oatmeal, potato -- the list goes on. All are delicious fresh from the oven, kneaded with love and patiently awaited as the loaves rise and bake. No matter what your favorite, the secret to bread-baking skill is practice.

The Top Three Keys to Success...Fresh Ingredients, Patience and Kneading.
1) The age and quality of yeast accounts for much of your bread-making success.
2) Patience is required -- wait for two risings.
3) Kneading commonly occurs twice; once after the first mixing, then again after the first rising.

Let's Get Started
Start small with white bread. White bread is the easiest to bake and the ingredients are probably in your cupboard right now. Wouldn't you love to surprise your family at dinner tonight with a hot-from-the-oven treat?

Once you have enjoyed success in baking a simple white bread you can easily expand your talents using the same recipe to include variety. While mixing a 2-loaf recipe add 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes, peanut butter, or two beaten eggs - all result in bread that is heartier and deliciously moist. If you'd like to make a special savory treat, take that same recipe and add some fresh chopped herbs, garlic, or grated cheese throughout the dough.

Below is a link to a simple recipe that has turned out perfect every time for over 40 new bread bakers. Try it out tonight - you just need a cookie sheet and you can even forego the kneading process as long as you have a strong electronic kitchen mixer. Once you see how easy it is to fill your home with the wonderful aroma of bread baking in the oven you'll be hooked on mastering this new skill!
Free Recipe

About the author:
Laura Childs has been baking bread and teaching others how to ensure success in the 'art of bread-baking' for the past 6 years. You can order Pro Bread Secrets from her website which includes the tutorial and tips used in her class along with recipes that have been tried and tested by over 40 beginning bread chefs. Visit for more information.

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